I’m a British girl who decided to make the transition into Dutch life in the spring of 2016 and dragged my partner with me. After pursuing a masters degree in the UK and wanting to go into a law-based profession, my plans went up in the air. What was meant to only be a quick 8-week stint there while I complete my dissertation, ended in us never coming home.

After some uninteresting career choices, I then began to pursue my other love, which was writing. I starting writing for a Dutch online expat magazine in the Autumn of 2017 and have done that ever since. To date, I have produced over 500 articles for them.

*Pssst, thanks for actually reading about me, I’m touched haha!


But why did I start blogging?

I started a sh**ty looking blog (no, really, it was dreadful) in January 2017 with only 3 articles that all actually ranked on google. Almost a year later I went back on the website and people were finding it and actually reading it (WTF). This is when I thought, what if I did this on my own for real? Hey, it’s worth a try! This led to me launching my blog in November 2018, to share more about my own experiences.


Blogging is a crowded market: What makes me different?

As cliche as this is, a blog is a journey and not a destination. I will create articles that are engaging, honest and informative. I won’t do 300-word sloppy ‘quick-fix’ tips, I won’t try and tell you that reaching your first 10k is easy (because it’s not), I won’t try to flog you a pointless object just to make money (unless I generally thought it was cool and I had it), I won’t write about stuff unless I am truly passionate about it.

I’m a self-confessed travel and festival addict, a girl who literally can never sit still (ask my poor partner), a lover of road trips and a bitterly honest writer. If I struggled with something, I won’t be ashamed to write about it.

Thanks for being here to support me!