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Information and Collaboration

  • Never Say Nether launched on Monday 19th November 2018
  • Never Say Nether is only run by one person
  • Never Say Nether posts new content 3 times a week: every Monday, Thursday and Sunday ~ January note: Due to the holiday season posting will be on differing days. From the week starting Monday 14th Jan, posting will now be 2 times per week – every Tuesday and Friday evening (CET).
  • For collaboration (or any other query) send me an email: neversaynethersite[at]gmail.com or find me on Instagram @never_say_nether
  • As the site is in its early stages, I cannot provide accurate user numbers. But check back soon, the graphs and all sorts will be on here 😉 – read my ‘About‘ page to see how well the first day went!


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