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Information about the website

  • Never Say Nether launched on Monday 19th November 2018
  • Never Say Nether is only run by one person
  • Never Say Nether is for posts about living abroad, travel and the blogging experience
  • Another blog co-exists alongside this one called Waiting On Tomorrow, which focuses solely on festivals


Looking for someone to help showcase your business? Sponsored posts etc?

What I can do for you

I have been a Sr. Editor for 2 years on another website, therefore I have extensive knowledge and experience on/with:

  • SEO and how to rank quickly
  • Social Media Marketing and how to drive traffic
  • How to write great sponsored posts
  • Creative and interesting content creation


I’m open to guest blogging, sponsored posts and more. For collaboration (or any other query) send me an email: neversaynethersite[at] or find me on Instagram: @neversaynether_   Facebook: /neversaynethersite


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