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Welcome to My Brand New Website! Here’s What to Expect from Never Say Nether

Welcome to Never Say Nether!

My brand new website Never Say Nether has finally launched (hurraaaaah)! I quite literally sat in bed one day and decided that I wanted to blog for real and completely on my own. Part of the idea stemmed from vastly improving my CV and then it transpired into generally wanting to create something on my own.

I love writing and I always have done since I could first write as a small child. I told everyone at school that I wanted to be a journalist (or similar) until I reached the age of around 17 when I had to decide what to study at university. ‘Studying’ writing skills frankly bored me to tears and I knew if I wanted to do it, I’d do it regardless of what degree I had. As a result, I have a totally unrelated degree (which I have no regrets with by the way), but I’m going back to plan A again (read about me here).

never say nether

Here’s the Never Say Nether logo, featuring someone cycling… oh, I wonder why. 

What’s the Plan?

Moving to the Netherlands, travelling often and being completely obsessed with festivals has helped me think of tons of things I could write about, even though I write for my job currently. So, what’s the plan?

  • This website will follow 3 key themes: The Netherlands, Travel and Festivals
  • New articles on this website will be live 3 times per week on one of these key themes (I’ll try to post one of each per week)
  • I will post every Monday, Thursday and Sunday
  • You can find me on Instagram, where I will post once per day
  • Feel free to drop comments on the articles and/or share it (yet don’t be malicious or nasty, there’s no reason for that)
  • Contact me if you want to collaborate, it’s always great to help out fellow bloggers!
  • Enjoy the content – hey, this is the most important thing 😉

…and the Future?

Aye, aye, slow down. But yeah, I am trying to do this for real and be serious about it. I kind of don’t want it JUST to be a hobby. I’m awaiting my first proper drone to arrive, so me and my partner are planning on road tripping at least once a month to shoot some footage (and take epic pictures) of different sites in Europe. First in the running is likely to be Austria, we are planning to do our own interrailing experience (in the snow!) in January, so stay tuned for some videos too. Let’s see how this all goes shall we (I have no idea what I’m doing). 😉

Remember to come back and keep reading! Thank you so much for your support.

– xx


  • Joyce Rosselli

    17th February 2019 at 6:33 pm

    Emma; You blog titles definitely caught my eye! I like your style of writing. I am a newbie…haven’t launched yet. My blog is on gardening with style. Best wishes and I did ask for notices. Joyce


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