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spa in the austrian alps

Spa in the Austrian Alps: All You Need to Know About Going to the Aqua Dome in Austria in 2019

Spa in the Austrian Alps: What Is the Aqua Dome?

The Aqua Dome is a thermal spa resort found in the Austrian Alps, which is open all year round. Here there is a hotel, spa and a variety of inside and outside thermal baths. The Aqua Dome is known for its beautiful mountainous surroundings in both summer and winter. There is a total of 12 indoor and outdoor pools with variable temperatures, along with relaxing lounge rooms, a spa area with 7 different saunas and 4 restaurants and bars. There is also an area for children.

Where Is the Aqua Dome?

The Aqua Dome is found in Tirol in the Austria Alps. It’s only 1 hour from Innsbruck and 2.5 hours from Munich.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to the Aqua Dome?

The prices vary considerably depending on what you are there for and what add-ons you require. Here’s a low down of the prices you can expect:


Between 1st December 2018 – 28th April 2019 all days of the week and holidays:

  • 3-hour thermal bath adult ticket = €25.50; Children (3 – 14 years old) = €15.50
  • Adult thermal bath day ticket = €33.50; Children (3 – 15 years old) = €19.50
  • Sauna world ticket (in combination with thermal bath ticket, 15+) = €15
  • Unlimited day ticket (thermal spa, sauna, gym, 15+) = €49.50

How Do I Get to the Aqua Dome by Car?

There is a free underground car park for guests visiting the Aqua Dome, so driving may be a better option for you. If you’re driving into Austria to get there, make sure that you have winter tyres if it’s winter. It’s illegal to drive on Austrian roads in the winter without them (but I understand it’s not necessarily the case in Germany for example).

Click here to find the exact route from your location.

How Do I Get to the Aqua Dome by Public Transportation?

Getting to the Aqua Dome by public transportation is easy. The easiest way is to catch a train to Ötztal Bahnhof and then you can catch the bus to Längenfeld which you can catch just outside the station. You can also take a bus from Innsbruck to Längenfeld. It drops you off on the same road as the Aqua Dome, right opposite the hotel.

At first I was worried that it was going to be difficult to get there by public transport and was seriously considering just hiring a car, but in the end, it was really painless. It cost me 28 euros return to get from Innsbruck to the Aqua Dome.

spa in the austrian alps

Spa in the Austrian Alps: The view on the main street leading to the Aqua Dome


Can I Take Pictures at the Aqua Dome?

No, it’s prohibited take photos at the Aqua Dome. I had no idea of this until I arrived there, as you see so many photographs on Instagram and online. It does say on their website and also there are signs up all around the pool areas. You’re allowed to have your phones on you around the pool, but you just aren’t allowed to actually take pictures with them. Of course, this is why it’s so easy for people to take them.

In the winter it’s almost impossible to take them outside unless you swim out with them with a waterproof phone. I ended up taking the few pictures in this article, as I couldn’t go without taking a picture of the view as a memento (plus I did really want to write an article about it). However, I made sure to do it when literally no one was in the pool and in view, as it’s not fair to be taking pictures of people in their bathing suits and it is strictly prohibited.

Is the Aqua Dome Worth a Visit?

The Aqua Dome is certainly unique, as the whole area is surrounded by mountains. Depending on what you’re used to, the Aqua Dome is only worth it if you go to the sauna as well in my opinion. I didn’t want to go in there as you have to be naked. No swimwear is allowed in the sauna area. For a Brit like me — no, thank you. It’s a shame I’m a prude because the sauna area is the adult area, it’s the real spa experience and it doesn’t even cost much more to go there. Children are also allowed in before 12 if they are staying in the hotel, which is also something that’s not for me.

There are lots of families at the Aqua Dome, so for me, it wasn’t that relaxing and quiet (but that’s what the sauna area is for). I expected a bar or something in this area, but it was more like a cafe, so if you want a glass of bubbly, this is best in the hotel bar if you decide to stay there.

Overall, it just felt like a normal public bath and was a little overpriced. There are lots of children (which surprised me for some reason?), so if that’s not for you, stick to the adult area. Personally, I think there are much better places to go for the price. But I think I just fell into the Instagram marketing trap and set my expectations too high. The area is STUNNING though, so it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

A truly stunning spa in the Austrian Alps.


Where Can I Stay near the Aqua Dome?

The obvious place to stay is at the onsite hotel. When you stay here, this is coupled with tickets to the Aqua Dome and you also have access to nice bars and restaurants at the hotel. It doesn’t come cheap, but for a beautiful hotel and spa in the Alps, it’s certainly a nice treat. There are a few hotels in the surrounding area also.


What Should I Take with Me to the Aqua Dome?

There are a few things that I wish I knew before going to the Aqua Dome for the first time. The first is that it’s common to have a dressing gown. I had no idea you could bring your own and I felt like it was worth renting one (but in all honesty, it wasn’t). If you’re going to the spa, I imagine it’s best to get one then – I only went to the pool. To rent one cost €9 euros each for an adult and €5 for a child. If you forget your towel it will cost a further €6 to rent. Slippers/flip flops are also pretty much compulsory in the pool areas, which I didn’t see written anywhere before arrival or at the entrance.

I think this is the norm in Austria, but there are many people coming to visit outside of the country and it’s not the norm, so I wasn’t expecting it. I think that many countries don’t bother because you catch most of the ewwy foot conditions from inside the pool, so it can be a little pointless. So don’t forget to take something with you! It also stops you from slipping all over the place.

In short, if you’re in the area it’s worth going to just for the scenery if nothing else. Remember to prep in advance and enjoy your day!

Have you been or are you planning on going to the Aqua Dome in Austria? Do you recommend another spa in the Austrian Alps? Drop it in the comments.

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