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About Never Say Nether

Never Say Nether

Never Say Nether is a site about life living abroad.

The content composes of a travel blog, about life in the Netherlands, travel tips, festival hacks and everything in between. There is also a new ‘Blogging Guides’ category – here will be articles posted all throughout this blogging journey and how I gained viewers, subscribers and ads for new bloggers.

Living abroad is both a scary, yet enlightening experience which opens your eyes to a new way of living. It’s no secret that you’re a brand new person after throwing yourself outside of your comfort zone almost every single day. Travel is more accessible and so exploring different cities is usually more prominent, along with attending events such as festivals.

This site will create content about thinking about your move, to conducting your move, to understanding the culture, travelling and attending events. A bit of everything really.


Behind The Name

Why Never Say Nether I hear you ask?

In case you haven’t got the jist, Never Say Nether is a play on words from the saying ‘never say never’, referring to when I told people that I would never live abroad. Only a couple of years after saying this, I ended up moving to the Netherlands. After a visit to Germany when my best friend emigrated, I swore blind that it was something far too out of my comfort zone to ever consider. Never Say Nether aims to encourage people that you should ‘never say never’ and with these guides anything is possible.

Enjoy the content!


Website launch

Never Say Nether launched on 19th November 2018, by one English girl who had a lot to say, but had no idea what to do. 😉 However, within the first 24 hours of launching my blog and publishing 2 main articles I received 1.25k unique visitors, from 77 different countries. Overall I had just over 1.5k blog views and rising. I also gained a few subscribers. Some of you even found me on Google search somehow. In fact, there wasn’t a single moment within those first 24 hours where someone wasn’t on the site. I’m amazed, this was incredible for my first day and far exceeded my expectations! I have a lot of hype for the next few months. Thank you so much!

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Advertising and Affiliates

Never Say Nether runs ads on the site (for more information on this, check the privacy page). In order to help support this site, please disable your ad blocker. There will be no annoying pop-up ads, don’t worry.

Never Say Nether is also part of affiliate programmes. If you come across a link to any of these websites I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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