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how to get tickets for tomorrowland

How to Get Tickets for Tomorrowland 2019: The Ultimate Guide of Things You Need to Know Before You Arrive

The Ultimate Tomorrowland Festival Guide – FAQ

Tomorrowland is one of the most popular festivals in the world. It is known for its incredible stages (especially the main stage), firework displays, delicious (or should I say, lekker) food, world-class DJ’s and an international fan base – people from over 200 different countries attend Tomorrowland. It’s no wonder that yet again there is going to be so many people trying to get tickets for Tomorrowland in 2019.

Here’s why it’s so great: > why Tomorrowland is one of the best festivals in the world <

This article is an extensive Tomorrowland guide and in case you didn’t want to read it all, here are the contents, click on what you want to read and it will take you straight to it. Clever, huh? 😉 Not all of the information in this guide is on the Tomorrowland website – hence the write-up. Also, this guide is all on one page so it’s easy to find. Don’t forget to check out the Tomorrowland official page for up-to-date information though! I’ll link to it within this article.

  1. All about Tomorrowland Festival

  2. How to get tickets for Tomorrowland

  3. All about Tomorrowland packages and Dreamville packages

  4. How much it costs to go to Tomorrowland

  5. Additional Tomorrowland info (if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the other sections)




1.1 What is Tomorrowland?

Yes, it’s the name of a restaurant in Disney (seriously, Google it, that’s what comes up), but it’s also one of the most renowned festivals in the world (they aren’t linked BTW). Tomorrowland is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival and is notoriously one of the hardest festivals in the world to get tickets for. Millions of people around the world try and snap up a few hundred thousand tickets and they sell out in minutes. Last year 400,000 people attended Tomorrowland. Read here about why it is the best EDM festival in the world. 🙂

> Tomorrowland 2019 Theme

The theme for Tomorrowland 2019 in The Book of Wisdom (the same as 2012), as this year they are celebrating the 15th year of Tomorrowland.


> How Many Stages Are at Tomorrowland?

There are 18 stages at Tomorrowland. So, yeah, there’s certainly no shortage of places to go in Tomorrowland. That’s all I gotta say about that.


> When Is the Lineup Released?

The lineup is not released until after the ticket sale. That’s what makes Tomorrrowland so special because it sells out so fast and nobody even knows who is playing yet. You can rest assured that the lineup is always so worth it every year though. In fact, there are usually TOO many good people and they end up clashing. Tomorrowland releases the lineup slowly to drag on the hype.

However, saying this the stage hosts are released much earlier (usually before most of the sales) and you can guess then what kind of acts will be playing and therefore what weekend you’d rather attend.


> How Old Do You Have to Be to Attend Tomorrowland?

To attend Tomorrowland you should be turning 18 during the year of 2019 (and over 18s of course). So if you were born on the 31st December 2001 or earlier you can go!


1.2 The History of Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland started in 2005, as a small-scale local festival. The festival was only on for one day and had only 9,000 attendees. In 2007 the festival was put on for two days and in 2011, 3 days. The festival was growing in ridiculous popularity and the pivotal point was in 2012 when it was recognisable around the world (most of us first wanted to attend this amazing festival in 2012). I heard of Tomorrowland via Tumblr back in 2011 but didn’t attend until 2017.

To put into perspective how much Tomorrowland has changed, check out their first after movie (2005):

Weird as f**k, huh?

1.3 Where is Tomorrowland Held?

Tomorrowland is held in De Schorre recreational park in the town of Boom in Belgium. Tomorrowland is not a permanent fixture in this park, everything is brought to the festival (including pools, accommodation and restaurants), built a few weeks before and then taken down again when it’s over. It’s hard to believe once you’re there, but De Schorre is largely empty usually (yet still beautiful and peaceful).

De Schorre without Tomorrowland there 


1.4 Is Tomorrowland Overrated?

A very good question and something that I always wonder when I see people fangirling over something. The answer: Not at all.

Tomorrowland is so hyped 24/7, that I was sure that it would be overrated as hell once I got there. It really isn’t. It somehow exceeded my already incredibly high expectations. It’s impossible to explain to someone what attending Tomorrowland is like, because it’s an all-consuming experience and everything is so fantasised that you feel like you’ve left planet earth. It’s also huge, it takes over an hour to walk from the other side of Dreamville, all the way to the other side of Tomorrowland.

It has lampposts shaped like flowers, fountains in lakes shaped like lily pads that all light up, a cave with a stage inside it and obscure shops (for example it had a Lidl with a forest inside it). Nothing feels quite real in Tomorrowland. That’s what makes Tomorrowland so special in comparison to other festivals – you probably don’t even have to like the genre of music to enjoy it, as it’s about more than just the music.

That was my main concern when watching the after movies and hearing about Tomorrowland. I certainly am the kind of person who gets caught up in the hype and when I arrive, I’m disappointed. But this didn’t happen with Tomorrowland, I weirdly found that it was underrated. I’d waited so many years to go and it was so worth it. So, if you want to go, then go! You won’t be disappointed – I can promise you that. You have my word. 😉

If you’re looking for a simple guide check this: > 10 Main Things To Know When Attending Tomorrowland For The First Time <



2.1 When is Tomorrowland 2019?

*Note: Tomorrowland Belgium is held on two weekends:

Weekend 1: Friday 19th July 2019 – Sunday 21st July 2019
Weekend 2: Friday 26th July 2019 – Sunday 28th July 2019

Before I get any further, it’s worth mentioning when all of these sales are beforehand.


2.2 When Do Tomorrowland 2019 Tickets Go on Sale?

There are a variety of different ticket sales throughout the year. Here is when all of them are:

> When Do Tomorrowland Global Journey Tickets Go on Sale?

Saturday 19th January 2019 @ 17:00 CET

> When Do Tomorrowland Belgian Sale Tickets Go on Sale?

Saturday 26th January 2019 @ 11:00 CET

> When Do Tomorrowland Worldwide Pre-Sale Tickets Go on Sale?

Saturday 26th January 2019 @ 17:00 CET

> When Do Tomorrowland Friendship Garden Tickets Go on Sale?

Currently unknown. Based on last year it was between Worldwide Pre-sale and Worldwide Sale. Check your emails regularly.

> When Do Tomorrowland Worldwide Sale Tickets Go on Sale?

Saturday 2nd February 2019 @ 17:00 CET

> When Do Tomorrowland Waiting List Tickets Go on Sale?

Unknown – based on last year the registration: a week after worldwide sale and the actual sale was on 20th April ish, however, these are sent out in 5 or 6 waves, so there are plenty of opportunities.

> When Do Tomorrowland Vouchers Go on Sale?

Unknown – based on last year: 7th June ish.

2.3 How Much Are Tomorrowland Tickets in 2019?

*Note: The following ticket prices are directly from the Tomorrowland.com website for 2019 

There are so many different packages, that I have linked them all easily here. Here it will tell you the different prices and what is included. Note: The prices do not include card fees, currency exchanges or treasure case fee. (The bank fees are different depending on the bank and the treasure case fee is around 20 euros pp).


2.4 How Do You Get Tickets for Tomorrowland 2019?

ON TO TICKET SALES – so, Tomorrowland is also known for its infamous ticket sales. The classic ‘your love for Tomorrowland is massive, please wait’ screen appears, as you join the queue of literally millions of people. I tried for 3 years on normal worldwide sale with no luck. Then I decided to research it properly. BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Don’t forget to pre-register or you won’t get any tickets. The deadline for presale tickets is Friday 25th January 2019, 20:00 CET and Worldwide ticket sale is Friday 1st February 2019, 20:00 CET. 


> How Easy Is It to Get Tickets for Tomorrowland?

If you didn’t read the above – in short: it’s not easy. It’s bloody hard. This is why you need to plan in advance.

Here’s all you need to know about getting tickets for Tomorrowland in 2019:


2.5 What’s the Easiest Way to Get Tomorrowland Tickets? the Definite Way to Get Tickets for Tomorrowland 2019:

If you want a definite way of going to Tomorrowland, there is a way. The only issue is, it comes with a cost. Global Journey.Global Journey is basically a ticket option which combines your ticket, accommodation and transfer to the festival. You can have either flight, train, bus, hotel, friendship travel or discover Europe packages. With these packages you also get: Entrance to The Gathering pre-party the night before Tomorrowland (who has great acts playing and their own Dreamville stage), the treasure case with the wristband-ticket, a Tomorrowland souvenir bag (which is amazing – in 2017 we had a Tomorrowland bag, posh Tomorrowland playing cards in a tin and a Tomorrowland Journal) and a daily Tomorrowland newspaper every morning.

If you are travelling from all over the world, the travel is sorted for you. My friends from the UK did either bus or train packages from London and paid between €719 and €881pp for this (based on 2019 prices). This included everything though, so there were no other costs involved. What I did (and other people), was buy the cheapest package and then find my own way there. I live in Holland, so it’s just over an hours drive, so I decided to purchase the package and not use the transport, so I had a guaranteed ticket.

The cheapest is a Dreamville Magnificent Green’s 1 person package, with full madness pass and a return bus from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The total package price without card fees is: €671- pp.

Want to know how to get tickets for Tomorrowland in 2019? Here is the order page for the cheapest package from Tomorrowland.com


Seem expensive? Well, I tell you, it’s totally worth it and a for-sure way of getting to the festival. I see it as a holiday investment. I would definitely recommend this option if you can save, or borrow some money, especially if this is your first year. You’ll find out soon enough that for some people, the tickets are near impossible to obtain otherwise. People do it of course, but it is hard.

> Can I Buy Global Journey and Not Use the Transport?

Yes! I did this in 2017. I bought a coach from the Netherlands, but instead, I ended up driving to the festival. When you buy global journey packages, you get a ‘goodie bag’, with really great Tomorrowland gifts inside. When I arrived I went to will-call to ask if I would get my travel bag, as it would have been on the coach. They said I could collect them the next day. In short, something went wrong with them getting them back, so I emailed them when I got home and they sent it to me in the post free of charge! So don’t fret – the only time you should if you are taking a plane. If you don’t take the outgoing journey, they will cancel your way back! So bear this in mind.


> When Do Global Journey Tickets Sell Out?

Usually, around 3 weeks after the sale starts. The cheapest ones are sold within days and the most expensive within weeks (sometimes months if it’s mega expensive).

2.6 All Tomorrowland Ticket Sales 2019

Most people either don’t know about Global Journey, they don’t think they can use it, or they just don’t want to cough up the dosh. This doesn’t mean that just because you don’t do Global Journey, that you won’t be able to get to the festival. There are many other ways of snapping up those tickets.
*Note: the following tickets are for tickets and accommodation, only Global Journey provides transport options.


> Top 20

The first 20 people of each nationality who pre-register for Tomorrowland will receive a ticket link providing them with the option to buy up to 4 definite tickets. Note this is NATIONALITY, not COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE (so sorry, moving somewhere obscure won’t help guys). This is incredibly difficult to get, but somebody has to get them I suppose. (You’ll get the email around the 20th of January if you got it btw).


> Belgian Pre-Sale

If you are Belgian, you have your own Tomorrowland ticket sale, before the worldwide sale begins. You have a maximum of 5 tickets. This is also apparently hard to obtain tickets from, so make sure you’re prepared. If you have a Belgian friend, it may be worth asking them to help you out with this one (they can buy for you). You can purchase a ticket only if you have an IBAN (Belgian bank) and address. You don’t have to be Belgian, but if you are, you still need a Belgian address and bank. 


> Friendship Garden

Friendship garden is a package of tickets for 10 people. This package means that you can all camp together in a special ‘friendship garden’ zone of Dreamville. This is really hard to organise as you need to trust someone with a lot of your money (someone needs to pay for the package – between 3-4 grand!!). This is the package I had last year, with my boyfriend and 8 other friends that we met on a forum before Tomorrowland. We are really good friends with them – a few I have met multiple times before and after and a couple even stayed at my house in Holland recently. So this could be an option for you if you have 10 friends that are willing to go, or if you meet some awesome people at the festival in time for next year.

How to get tickets to Tomorrowland

> Worldwide Pre-Sale

This is basically the first chance for everybody to buy Tomorrowland tickets. A limited amount of tickets are released and they are snapped up ridiculously quickly.


> Worldwide Ticket Sale

This is the main sale for tickets and the best chance for you to obtain tickets, after the definite global journey option. These tickets also sell out ridiculously quickly.

> Waiting List Ticket Sale

This is the sale for tickets that had failed card payments or people wanted to trade them in to sell on the Tomorrowland website. People say this is one of the easiest way to secure tickets (however, I’m yet to try this route).

2.7 Tips for Getting Tomorrowland Tickets

Unfortunately, if I could get you a definite way of getting hold of tickets the usual way, then nobody would be asking this question (everyone would know)!

However, I can provide you with all the tools you need to make your chances a lot higher:

  1. Tell your bank beforehand.There are oh-so-many stories of people who have got through and had their card declined. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, don’t forget to inform your bank that you are making either a large purchase, a foreign purchase, or both. Also make sure you have a backup bank card, in case that doesn’t even work.
  2. Be on the site BEFOREHAND (and not a second after). If you even think of entering the site even 5 minutes after this time, you’ve already kissed goodbye to your chances of getting tickets. Be prepared and enter the site early.
  3. Have it open on more than one device (not total facts). Tomorrowland states that if you have more than one tab open, it won’t work, however, lots of people have disputed this over the years by getting tickets through having the link open on different devices (including a friend of mine). If you’re unsure, link it to different IP addresses or get your friends and family to have the link handy. If not, don’t. No one truly knows if it works, it’s up to you – but it’s worth mentioning anyway. 
  4. Have your details ready. There is nothing more stressful than getting hold of festival tickets and trying to complete your transaction under a time limit. You are shaking and making a load of mistakes as you’re stressed. What I do is split-screen my computer, on one side is the ticket link and on the other all my details on a word document (name, address, phone num, bank details etc). It may seem stupid to be writing down details that you clearly already know, but copy and pasting them is so much faster than typing them freehand as you need all those seconds you can get.

> Official Ticket Sales (That Aren’t Tomorrowland)

You can buy Tomorrowland packages from other official sites such as Big Green Bus and Festicket – there will be an extensive article on this soon.


> How Can I Resell My Tomorrowland Ticket?

Tomorrowland has a ticket exchange site on their website where you can trade in your regular tickets.

Don’t be an asshole and buy Tomorrowland tickets purely to sell them on to make profit!


2.9 Personalising Tomorrowland Tickets

Once you receive your treasure case in the post (you’ll find all about the treasure cases in the last chapter), you can personalise them to your name. There will be a personalisation link on your Tomorrowland account where you will need to enter the code on the back of your bracelet. Then you can top up your bracelet with money to use at the festival.


3.1 What is Dreamville?

Dreamville is the name of the accommodation at Tomorrowland. This is recommended if you are thinking of coming to Tomorrowland for the whole weekend, as it will be really difficult to find alternatives otherwise and you’d have to travel to get to the festival site every time.

3.2 All the Different Dreamville Packages

> What Accommodation Is at Tomorrowland?

There are many different accommodation options at Tomorrowland. You can either get a ticket and Dreamville package. Dreamville packages are either Magnificent Greens (cheapest camping ticket), easy tents, cabanas, Friendship Garden, mansions, kokonos, relax rooms etc. You can make these comfort tickets, which means that you will get better services when there. Also, you can also get hotel packages with shuttle bus transfer included.

You can keep your tent and sleeping bag etc if you buy a tent package or easy-tents – so you have a tent to keep in memory of Tomorrowland!

3.3 What Is the Gathering?

As a first-timer, you may have noticed that when you buy a Dreamville package it starts the day before Tomorrowland opens. This is because the gathering happens and trust me, this is where the good party starts! They build a whole stage just for the gathering and only people staying in Dreamville can attend. They have big acts there every year (last year they had Lost Frequencies, Netsky and Armin – it was incredible). It’s well worth going and it really hypes you up for the next day.

3.4 Should I Travel Solo at Tomorrowland?

I see sooo many people ask this all the time and yes, you totally should. It’s not weird, it’s not risky and so many people do it every year. Reach out to other solo Tomorrowlanders via WhatsApp groups (Reddit usually has loads of these on there) and Facebook groups. If you can’t find any, then set up your own! Share it round and you will get people joining up in no time. I’ve personally never gone solo, but I know if that was my only option, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate. The atmosphere is so good, that it really doesn’t matter. I met many of my best friends at Tomorrowland.

Here’s why you should: > Going To Tomorrowland On Your Own: Why That Shouldn’t Put You Off Going To Tomorrowland <

3.5 Tomorrowland Party Planes

Tomorrowland puts special party planes on some plane packages. You will not be able to find out if it’s a party plane when you first buy it, but they will tell you once you’ve bought it if it is (how exciting)! Party planes include food, a DJ, glowsticks and a pretty sick party in the sky.

3.6 Discover Europe/Belgium Packages

> Belgium

If you want to explore Belgium alongside your time at the festival, Tomorrowland puts on an exclusive Europe trip for you. You can go on the trip before the festival and you visit 4 different Belgian cities: Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Brussels. Here is the link for all of them (too extensive and complicated to put here).

These packages include accommodation and transport on your holiday and your Tomorrowland ticket and accommodation. It’s not cheap, but it may be worth it if you’re not planning on going to Belgium any time soon and you can make friends!

> Europe

If you want to explore Europe alongside your time at the festival, Tomorrowland puts on an exclusive Europe trip for you. You can go on the trip either before or before and after the festival. There are 4 different packages. Here is the link for all of them (too extensive and complicated to put here).

These packages include accomodation and transport on your holiday and your Tomorrowland ticket and accommodation. It’s not cheap, but it may be worth it if you’re not planning on going to Europe any time soon and you can make friends!

3.7 What Amenities Are at Tomorrowland and Dreamville?

If you’re staying at Dreamville then there is a supermarket on site. It used to be a Lidl, which was really cool as it looked like a jungle inside and they’d play house music in there. The prices were reasonable too. In 2018 it was a Carrefour supermarket. Note: This is one of the only places you won’t use your bracelet – the prices are in Euros and you have to pay using a credit/debit card.

Also in Dreamville is a MAC makeup shop (where you can pay to have your makeup done),  a bakery, a Tomorrowland jewellery shop and normal merch shop, a shisha section, Brussels radio station and a camping shop. You can also get cold and hot showers in Tomorrowland. The cold showers are free and the hot ones you have to pay.

In Tomorrowland, you can find a variety of different restaurants, loads of food stalls, a tattoo parlour and plenty more services (my little brain is struggling to think of every little thing on the top of my head). Tastes of the World restaurant is by far the most popular, see all about it here: 5 Reasons Why You Must Eat At The Tomorrowland Main Stage Restaurant (And How To Get Tickets) <

> Can I Get a Tattoo at Tomorrowland?

Yes! Tomorrowland has a tattoo parlour. Sometimes Tomorrowland informs you about bookings and sometimes they don’t. We were all under the impression that the tattoo parlour wasn’t there in 2018 because you weren’t able to make bookings, but sure enough, the tattoo parlour was there. If you want a tattoo, I recommend that you arrive there as soon as it opens on the first day in order to pick your slot and pick a design. If you leave it too late, you won’t get a spot. The tattoos are a lot more expensive than you may be used to, but it’s a tattoo AT Tomorrowland, treat yo’ self!


4.1 How Much Does It Cost to Go to Tomorrowland?

This entirely depends on how much money you have, but it’s certainly not cheap. You can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want to. Once I was so out of money, I managed to make it through the whole of Tomorrowland on 100 euros (sneaking vodka in my bra and living off Lidl bread and one meal a day). People spend as much as 1,000 euros though. I would plan for around 100 euros per day, but it’s completely possible to do it cheaper depending on what you’re buying. If you want merch and a tattoo, of course, you’re looking at much more. If you read further on, I give you the low-down on the prices.

4.2 How Much Is Food and Drink at Tomorrowland?

Food and drink is not cheap at Tomorrowland, prepare to save beforehand. In my opinion, it’s worth it though as the food is definitely so much better than regular festivals. There is so much choice (many different cuisines), the portions are big and you can even go to a few restaurants to eat. Here’s an article about dining at the main stage restaurant  – check it out, the views are amazing (I dined there, it was lush). And no, I don’t mean the secret actual main stage restaurant – I wish!

How to get tickets to Tomorrowland

My perfect view last year

Water is free at Tomorrowland if you go to a fill-up point – there are loads of taps and there are everywhere all over the Tomorrowland site and also a Dreamville. The water tastes okay too!

To give you an idea: In 2018 a small beer was 2 pearls (3,20 eur), as were fizzy drinks such as Pepsi. Cocktails are around 7.5 pearls (12 eur).

Belgian fries were 3.5 pearls (5,60 eur) and more substantial food such as pasta was 5.25 pearls (8,40 eur).

> How Do I Buy Food and Drinks at Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland is a cashless festival. This means that you will not be using any card or cash at the festival and you will not have to purchase tokens like many other festivals. Once you recieve your Tomorrowland bracelet (in your treasure case), you will find a code on the back of the wristband. You use this to activate the bracelet in your name. Once this is completed you can ‘load’ money onto the bracelet. This is how you buy everything at Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland has their own currency called ‘pearls’, so when you load your money onto your account, the money will appear in pearls. If you load over 100 euros, they usually give you a couple of pearls free. If you don’t get paid until the festival itself, don’t panic. You can top up your bracelet on site. If you don’t spend all of your peals, don’t try and waste them, you will get a refund at the end of the festival (they charge you a small fee for this). This is great because most festivals don’t do this.

Check out: > Is Tomorrowland Overrated? 20 Cool Things Tomorrowland Has That Most Festivals Don’t <


5.1 When Will I Receive My Tomorrowland Treasure Case/Box?

You receive an email when your Tomorrowland box is on its way and it is usually a few weeks before the festival. Don’t panic if your box is taking a while! Everybody recieves them at different times because they are literally travelling all over the world and they are not all sent out in the one go but in batches. 

If you’ve never seen a Tomorrowland treasure case before, I’ll give you the lowdown: Every year they are a surprise (unless you see a leak from one of the first people to get them) and they are linked to the theme. They are always really well made, a literal ornamental piece you can keep forever (I’m not even exaggerating) and they usually contain some kind of cool feature, such as a lock and key box, a music box or like last years seahorse necklace. Also a leaflet about the festival and your Tomorrowland bracelet.

> Help! I Haven’t Received My Bracelet/I’ve Lost My Bracelet

Although rare, some boxes never arrive at their destination and again, don’t panic, just contact them and they will arrange for you to pick up your bracelet at will-call. You can also pick up treasure boxes here too if they have any spare. If you lose your bracelet at the festival or it stops working (happened to my partner last year), then go straight to will-call to get a new one (and your old one will be cancelled before someone finds it and spends it). This is why it’s important that it’s personalised to your name, so they can give you a new one. If it’s not in your name, you won’t be getting back in! So don’t forget to take your ID to Tomorrowland.

5.2 What’s the Difference Between Weekend 1 and Weekend 2?

Another common question that people ask is what the difference is. In short, there is no real difference between weekend 1 and weekend 2, there are only 2 weekends because Tomorrowland added another date to meet demand (and because Tomorrowworld etc has stopped).

There is the misconception that weekend 1 is better because the site will be in better condition, but this isn’t strictly true. It won’t be any more muddy, ruined or anything, Tomorrowland fixes anything that is broken and most of the festival, including Dreamville, has wooden planks down on the floor. You honestly wouldn’t notice the difference. I always go on weekend 2 because I like to watch the live streams, get hyped and then go. I couldn’t bear to go on weekend 1 and then feel jealous of people there the next weekend, but that’s just me being petty. 😉

5.3 How Much Alcohol Can I Bring with Me to Tomorrowland?

When you stay in Dreamville, you are allowed to bring alcohol with you (however, this can not be taken with you into the actual Tomorrowland event). On their website, Tomorrowland states that the limit is 6 50cl cans of alcohol, 6 50cl of fizzy drinks and unlimited water. However, this is rarely enforced. I have never ever come across a time when people have had alcohol taken off them unless it’s obvious it’s going to be sold or if it’s in a glass bottle. Let me know if I’m wrong though, but I’m yet to see/hear of it and I’ve always been okay taking a s**t load in. Just say it’s your friends. 😉 

We usually take 20 cans each with water and a bottle of vodka. It’s hard to enforce because you can go in and out as much as you like, so in theory, you can take the amount through, go back out and then get the rest. So rest assured that you can take whatever you like, as long as it is in a can or plastic bottle.

I repeat: No glass is allowed inside Dreamville or Tomorrowland. So pour all of your alcohol into a plastic bottle before you enter.

> Taking Alcohol on the Eurostar

This is something that people ask every year. Again, there are restrictions for alcohol on the Eurostar, however, again, they are rarely enforced. They do this so then people don’t get loads of alcohol, get white girl wasted on the train and cause trouble. Just pack your stuff nicely, keep your head down, don’t get rowdy on the train and you’re fine. Worst case scenario, they take it off you and that’s it.

5.4 What Is the Security like at Tomorrowland?

Every year there are many questions about safety at Tomorrowland, especially with how horrible the world is getting recently. Do not let this put you off going to Tomorrowland! Tomorrowland’s security is top notch, they would never risk anything going down because their reputation is at stake and of course, they care about their customers.

If you are caught with drugs at Tomorrowland, you will be thrown out. Drugs are illegal in Belgium, including weed. If you are selling drugs, then you know what is going to happen. There are no testing facilities in Tomorrowland (I know some festivals do this) – so be sure to take a test with you and stay safe guys! Never feel pressured into something you don’t want to do either.

5.6 What’s the Weather like at Tomorrowland?

The weather at Tomorrowland is unpredictable at best. It’s summertime in Belgium, so it can be hot and it can be rainy. Weather in this part of Europe IS unpredictable everywhere – you can expect rain but also blistering heat too. Last year Tomorrowland reached almost 40 degrees Celcius and we all thought we were going to die. It is rare for it to be this hot, however, as in previous years you’ve had rain. In short: Check the weather just beforehand and plan for everything. Also, don’t forget a hoodie to wear in the evening, it can get a bit chilly!

There will be a packing list posted just before Tomorrowland, so you won’t even need to think about what to pack either. 😉

Note: For some strange reason they never sell ice in Dreamville and when it was a summer like 2018, you need to be aware of this as it was literally unbearable. Knowing our luck it may rain in 2019 now. 😉 Anyway, you can go to a supermarket outside of Tomorrowland but prepare for more queues. You can also buy food, drink and ice outside people’s houses on the way into Tomorrowland. They set up stalls on their front lawns and sell things. They are normally extremely overpriced of course, but my friend managed to persuade a guy to give us a bag of ice in exchange for cider as we didn’t have any cash on us (cashless festival and all)! Everyone is so lovely and in a good mood, so remember to say hi to the locals.


5.7 Is Tomorrowland Really Crowded?

With around 400,000 people attending Tomorrowland, you’d expect it to be crowded, but honestly, it’s not. Tomorrowland is so big that it will well spaced out. The queues for drinks and food is not too bad, the queue to get into Tomorrowland isn’t too bad either. The busiest times it at mainstage late at night, especially for the final act of Tomorrowland and the walk home you have to queue for ages. Make sure you wear comfy shoes!!

To get to the front of mainstage is surprisingly easy, especially in the day. Stick to the sides of the stage and worm your way in – other festival mainstages are usually much worse IMO.

5.8 How Can You Get to Tomorrowland?

There are many ways to get to Tomorrowland. If you get a global journey package this will be arranged for you (coach, train or plane). You can also arrange this for yourself through the same methods of transport. You can also drive and park your car at the Tomorrowland site – which is what I always do (20 euros advance-payment to park for the weekend btw).

5.9 Important to Know When You First Arrive at Tomorrowland:

  • If you are arriving by car, follow the temporary signs and ignore the sat nav – expect traffic backing up nearer the site, but in general it’s really quick considering how many people go to Tomorrowland and how small Boom is
  • You are allowed to go in and out of Dreamville (I was that dick who tried to carry ALL of my stuff from the car in one go)
  • Don’t forget to take your ID to Tomorrowland – there are lockers on site to keep it in. If you lose your bracelet and you don’t have ID, you won’t be coming back in!
  • You can take water bottles into Dreamville, yet in Tomorrowland you can only take it in without the cap on. It’s to stop you from filling it up and putting the cap on and chucking it into the crowd

5.10 When Does the Tomorrowland After Movie Come Out?

Tomorrowland after movies usually come out about a month after weekend 2, but last year it was the Monday of weekend 2. Here was the most recent one to get you in the mood. 😉

You’re All Set – No Need to Ask How to Get Tickets for Tomorrowland!

I’ve tried to think of as many important questions as I can, but I’m bound to have missed one. If you need any more information, feel free to contact me or post a comment on this post. All that is left to say now is, good luck and have an amazing time! See you there! 

My social media is on the sidebar if you want to like or follow me – there is also a subscription box, to get these sorts of articles straight to your inbox! Over the next few months leading up to Tomorrowland I’ll be posting more guides.

After the dates of other EDM festivals in 2019? Click here.

** Feat pic by my TML bud, Katie <3

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  • John

    17th February 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Hi I have a Global Package and I want to sell my ticket is from London to Tomorrowland (train) for the second week. I saw that Viagogo sell tickets but I don’t want to make a profit, just sell it at the same price I bought it. How can I find a person interested or a blog where people exchange information?

    • Never Say Nether

      20th February 2019 at 12:25 am

      Hi John, Global Journey Packages work differently to other tickets (you can easily exchange other tickets through Tomorrowland and they get resold through the waiting list). You can sell on, but there is a huge fee to change the name to someone else. So in order to get your full money back, you will have to sell higher than what you paid for it. Facebook groups are always looking for people, but of course, there is a risk to you that they don’t give you the money (so make sure that you get it first!) and otherwise, Viagogo may be your next best option.

  • Paul Egas

    19th February 2019 at 6:56 pm

    Hi, amazing review!! I am crazy about going this year to tomorrowland, but sadly i didnt have luck tjhis year in the pre-sale or sale dates. I was in time but the website didnt let me buy tickets. I want to ask, which would be the best way to buy tickets for tomorrowland in this case, any website? I have searched for Festickets but they only have packages with hotels and i want to live the camping experience… please let me know what you think, thanks

    • Never Say Nether

      20th February 2019 at 12:33 am

      Thanks so much!
      I’ve never got through in regular sales myself, they are really hard! And yes the camping experience I would highly recommend over the hotels for your first time especially. There are other ways though, so you aren’t too late: firstly, have you checked these? These are the list of official Tomorrowland travel partners: https://www.neversaynether.com/tomorrowland-tickets-sold-out-tomorrowland-travel-partners/ – depending on where you want to go from, there may be some left.

      If not, your next best bet is joining the Tomorrowland waiting list. To do this go onto your Tomorrowland account under tickets and you should be able to register. They will release tickets slowly over time from April and you will receive an email whenever they go on sale, so keep an eye out! There is actually a good chance of getting tickets this way.

      If that doesn’t go to plan, then there is always Viagogo. It’s not 100% safe, but it’s much safer than other ways of buying. If the ticket turns out to be fake, Viagogo will refund you.

      Next time I recommend that you get a Global Journey package when they go on sale – it’s the only for-sure way of going to Tomorrowland every year. I usually get GJ or a Friendship Garden package. Let me know if there is anything else – hope this helps and good luck!


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