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tomorrowland tickets sold out

Official Tomorrowland Tickets Sold Out? Here Are Other Official Ways of Getting Tickets to Tomorrowland

Where Can You Buy Tomorrowland 2019 Tickets From?

* Tomorrowland travel partners & Tomorrowland waiting list info

Tomorrowland tickets sold out? Chances are if you’re reading this, this is exactly why you are here. Buying Tomorrowland tickets from their website is incredibly stressful and thousands of people every year are left with no tickets. So if Tomorrowland tickets are sold out then read on to the next section.

Not sold out? Firstly, let’s state the obvious. One of the main places to buy tickets in 2019 is the official Tomorrowland website. The first sales on this site will be Global Journey Packages which go on sale on the 19th January 2019. I have a whole guide on ticket sales, how to buy tickets for Tomorrowland and other important info, so check it out first: > how to get tickets to Tomorrowland <

Before you attempt for normal Tomorrowland sales: Don’t forget to pre-register or you won’t get any tickets. The deadline for presale tickets is Friday 25th January 2019, 20:00 CET and Worldwide ticket sale is Friday 1st February 2019, 20:00 CET. 


Tomorrowland Tickets Sold Out? There’s Another Way…

Tomorrowland tickets sold out? Looking for a back-up plan when it comes to buying Tomorrowland tickets? Don’t fret! There are plenty of other ways to get Tomorrowland tickets, that doesn’t involve a dodgy second-hand ticket.

Tomorrowland waiting list

Apart from Global Journey Tomorrowland packages, you can also join the Tomorrowland waiting list through your official Tomorrowland accounts.

Tomorrowland travel partners

There’s also another way: There are actually loads of other official tickets partners all through official sites and are available all over the world. These are tickets that Tomorrowland has given them to sell on and include your transport and accommodation.

In terms of travel partners, Tomorrowland has released their official travel packages for 2019. Keep an eye out and pounce on them ASAP, before the dreaded “sold out” again.

If you’ve never bought a package through a partner before here are a few things to know:


  • These are official packages, with the tickets provided from Tomorrowland, so you have minimal worry about being scammed. Check the Tomorrowland website when it goes live if you are unsure, as these are based on 2018 packages and may not be sold this year
  • These packages are generally more expensive than doing it on your own, HOWEVER, some are even cheaper than Global Journey and you are paying for everything to be arranged for you (much easier)
  • The transport itself is not provided by Tomorrowland, that’s from the company you are buying it from – only the ticket is from Tomorrowland (GJ is different)
  • These packages have luggage limits, be sure to check them before you go (it will be on the website and/or when you purchase a ticket), or you risk having to pay extra or having to leave stuff behind
  • These packages release their tickets at different times, so keep tabs on a few that you are looking at often. Many go on sale on the 3rd Feb
  • The travel packages are the ones that deal with your bracelet, so you’ll need to check with your travel partner when you will receive it. Some packages will give you the bracelet once you arrive, so in some cases, you will not be able to ‘miss’ the transport there. Make sure to check before you plan to buy this way, or you could end up not going at all!


So, if you’re looking for someplace else, here goes:

* Note: This is based on 2019, so these may not remain the same for thr 2020 Tomorrowland if you happen to be coming across this article after the event.



Tomorrowland Travel Partners in Europe:




Tomorrowland Travel Partners in North America:



Tomorrowland Travel Partners in South America:



Tomorrowland Travel Partners in Asia:


Tomorrowland Travel Partners in Australia:

For more info, head to the official Tomorrowland Travel Partners page on their website.

As you can see Tomorrowland has plenty of official partners based all over the world and this will give you a great chance of finally getting those tickets to Tomorrowland. Some of these sell out instantly, so if you’re thinking of buying them this way, treat it like a normal Tomorrowland sale and be on the site on time and with a valid bank card and make sure that all of your details are correct. If you have any issues, contact the travel provider first and not Tomorrowland, they should provide you with all of the information you need.

Tomorrowland tickets sold out? No worries, with this other options! Good luck and see ya there!

If you have any comments or questions, drop them in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on social media or join the mailing list! Thanks for reading.

*Cover pic courtesy of Katie Ford. 😉


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