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going to tomorrowland on your own

Going to Tomorrowland on Your Own: Why That Shouldn’t Put You off Going to Tomorrowland

Going to Tomorrowland Alone in 2019

Time and time again people ask about going solo to Tomorrowland and I’m here to ensure you that soooo many people go to TML solo and you don’t have to be worried at all! Going there on your own may be the best decision you’ve made all year. So if you’re anxious and worried and are thinking about throwing the towel in already – don’t. Read this first and then get those tickets ASAP!

Here are the most common questions and answers to put you at ease.


Should I Go to Tomorrowland on My Own?

Answer: Yes! And here’s why…


Is Tomorrowland Safe to Attend Alone?

Answer: Yes, Tomorrowland is safe enough for you to attend alone!

Going to Tomorrowland is not unsafe, even as a lone woman. Security is Tomorrowland’s first priority and there are plenty of people in and off-site keeping a watchful eye on all of us. It’s generally unusual to see fights (even incredibly drunk people are too happy to start a fight) and if you are lost or need a hand, everyone is willing to stop and help you. It’s a great atmosphere and you won’t feel unsafe.

Of course, you should still follow the same procedures as you would at home. In terms of theft, being off your face and passing out on the floor with your wallet hanging out, no one can be certain that someone won’t take it. Things are also stolen from some tents like many other festivals. These things happen everywhere, unfortunately, just be sensible, keep yourself and your things safe and you’ll have a great time.


Will I Struggle to Make Friends If I Go to Tomorrowland Alone?

Answer: Everyone is your friend at Tomorrowland.

This could not be truer. The fact that every single person there chose to travel and spend all that money on Tomorrowland, already makes you have something in common. The vibe is addictive and talking to complete strangers is not weird. The fact that people are from all over the world, gives you so much to talk about when you do get talking to someone.

We asked for a lighter from someone and he was Australian and it got us into a big conversation about life and what we’re all doing there. Every conversation starts the same ‘omg, where are you from?’ and it goes from there. Everyone is friendly and it’s so lovely.

How to get tickets to TomorrowlandIt isn’t just Friendship Garden where you’ll have friends. 😉


Will Many Other People Go Solo to Tomorrowland?

Answer: Tons of people go to Tomorrowland solo every year. You are not alone!

It is not unusual to go to Tomorrowland solo! I can ensure you that many of you think that you are alone and you’re really not. It’s relatively common to go there solo because not everyone can afford to go (I’ve begged some friends for years at no prevail), if it wasn’t for meeting a guy I love who also loves EDM and for making TML friends via WhatsApp, I’d be going alone too!

In my first year, we made friends with a group of German’s camping next to us, who made friends with a guy going solo next to them. We then met up with our new Tomorrowland WhatsApp group friends who then came over to us and one night it was just all of us in a circle drunkenly singing 80s and 90s bangers. The guy going solo had a great time. My friends are your friends and your friends are mine – that’s the vibe at Tomorrowland.

For some people, TML is a one-time opportunity. Therefore they’d be more than willing to go alone (it’s better than not going at all). So if you have the choice, go!


Where Can I Find Other Solo Tomorrowland-ers?

Answer: All forms of social media!

Social media is your friend and it will get you connected with fellow Tomorrowland-ers in no time at all. Here are just a few places where you will be sure to find other folks that are travelling to Tomorrowland on their own (and are also looking for a new friend to share it with).

Groups on Facebook

There are so many Tomorrowland Facebook groups out there, generalised ones and also a few solo ones I’ve seen in the past. Join up with some of these groups and ask! There are always people in them that are going alone. If you can’t find a specific solo group, make your own and advertise it in the larger groups.

Threads on Reddit

People post things on Reddit all the time about going solo to Tomorrowland – so you’re not alone. Check out the Tomorrowland threads and take a look – you’ll find them popping up often during ticket sales and once the festival gets closer. Reach out to them or start your own thread.

Whatsapp Groups (Usually Posted onto Reddit)

WhatsApp was how I found most of my friends at Tomorrowland (still friends!) and it’s perfect for solo-goers too. These WhatsApp invite links are usually posted to Reddit once the tickets have gone on sale. At least that’s when the majority go up there. If you join the larger WhatsApp groups, then you’ll usually find smaller groups within them. For instance, I joined a huge WhatsApp group and found a group there for people in from the UK going to TML.

Going to Tomorrowland on Your Own?

In short: If you think you’re going to regret not going, then go! I promise you that you will not regret it. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. Don’t forget to share and sign up to my newsletter (you’ll find the newsletter tab at the top of the website or in the sidebar).


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