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Tomorrowland main stage restaurant

5 Reasons Why You Must Eat at The Tomorrowland Main Stage Restaurant (and How to Get Tickets)

Taste of the World Restaurant: Why this Tomorrowland restaurant needs to be on your to-do list

Tomorrowland is one of the most renowned festivals in the world and to experience it for yourself is quite a challenge. Every year the tickets sell out in seconds, despite there being a whole 400,000 of them! With such a big festival, comes tons of stages, food stalls and restaurants. One of the Tomorrowland’s most sought-after (and in my opinion most impressive) restaurants is the Tastes of the World Tomorrowland main stage restaurant. The restaurant sits high up on the hill directly opposite the main stage, giving you a full view of it.

There is also another main stage restaurant, which sits inside the stage (only people that are invited can go – it’s kinda secret).

Every year the restaurant tickets sell out almost instantly and when you go, you can see why. So, why should you eat at the Tomorrowland main stage restaurant?

Before we begin, have you secured your tickets for the festival yet? Read this first. (It’s basically an extensive guide on scoring Tomorrowland tickets and info you’ll need before you arrive at the festival). 😉

1. The food is delicious (and so is the wine!)

The food definitely was like dining in a nice restaurant. With a regular voucher, you get an appetiser, a starter and a main and a glass of red or white wine. Honestly, it’s been so many months now that I can’t exactly remember what everything I ate was. All I remember is that the appetiser came out in a bowl of liquid nitrogen and was presented beautifully. The main was chicken in red wine sauce. All of it was delicious and so well presented. I’d had the wine at another restaurant at Tomorrowland and it tasted cheap, but in the main Tomorrowland main stage restaurant, it was lovely.

All in all, I couldn’t fault the food, how quick it came out and the whole experience.

Tomorrowland main stage restaurant


2. It’s not overpriced

The pre-paid Tomorrowland set menu cost just over 30 euros and that covered a glass of red or white wine, an appetiser, a starter and a main. It also secured you a place at the main stage restaurant. If you want to eat there properly, you have to show up and book a table which is notoriously hard to get. If you show up as soon as Tomorrowland opens, you should head there first and secure a table. There have so many dishes to choose from and I think next time I might not do the set menu and try their other dishes instead. I can’t yet speak for how much they will cost though (I’ll let you know when I go).


3. The view of the main stage is amazing

The stages at Tomorrowland are quite something. The main stages are usually the biggest ones you’ll find in the world. When you dine at the Tomorrowland main stage restaurant you can see the whole stage in full view, which is unusual in a busy crowd as you can’t see over everyone (I’m a shorty). It’s a festival lovers dream. Some of us want to dine overlooking the sea, others want to dine overlooking a festival. 😉

If you’re going as a couple, you’re in luck. The tables right by the window of the restaurant are usually tables for two, but we were a table of 6 and still could see the main stage really easily. You can hear the music played outside too, so you’re still fully immersed in the whole experience outside.

Tomorrowland main stage restaurant


4. It doesn’t feel like a temporary pop-up restaurant

The fact of the matter is, it is a temporary pop-up restaurant, so you almost expect it to look a bit like that. It didn’t at all and it was hard to believe that it wasn’t always there. It was decorated beautifully and even had a proper reception, toilets and kitchen. It’s mad how that all gets taken down again after only 6 days of use. I’ve been to De Schorre (the park where Tomorrowland is held) without the festival being there and it’s weird to think that Tomorrowland and all of its restaurants aren’t always there. It’s definitely a great dining experience.


5. It’s a unique experience

Okay, so it’s not every day that you can wine and dine at a festival. People associate festivals with mud, filth and cheap beer. Not Tomorrowland. Although other festivals are catching on with these ‘luxury experiences’, Tomorrowland was one of the first to go all out. I know that festivals such as Parookaville have incorporated a main stage viewed restaurant now, but it’s still a rare experience. Anyway, it’s at Tomorrowland, which is good enough anyway! It’s definitely the perfect way to unwind when you’ve had a mad weekend.

We were actually dining as a group of 8 and two of them were so hungover from the day before that they forgot to turn up. So don’t do that – remember to turn up to actually have that downtime! Me and my partner ended up frantically running around trying to give a lucky couple a free ticket. So many people didn’t believe us and turned it down, which I don’t blame them for, but eventually, a lovely couple did. That definitely made their Tomorrowland.


So how do you get tickets for the Tomorrowland festival restaurant?

As I said before, you don’t have to buy the pre-paid set menu, so refer to that if you’re not interested. If you are, then you need to look out for Tomorrowland announcements in regards to their ‘extras’ – these are the festival tickets, parking tickets and lockers. These go on sale after the ticket sales. So long as you log on and try to buy them at exactly the specified time, there is no reason why you won’t get a table for the Tomorrowland main stage restaurant. If you leave it even half an hour after, then chances are that you probably won’t get them. So if you really went to go, make sure you’re logged on and ready to buy!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why the Tomorrowland main stage restaurant needs to be on your bucket list. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it as much as we all did!

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