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Best Electronic Dance Music Festival in Europe

10 Reasons Why Tomorrowland Is the Best Electronic Dance Music Festival in Europe

Why I Think Tomorrowland Is the Best Edm Festival in the World

Honestly, in my opinion, Tomorrowland is not just the best Electronic Dance Music Festival in Europe, but in the world. I didn’t want to be too ‘out there’ with my assumptions, so I put Europe (you be the judge of that 😉 ).

So, have you ever wondered what it was like to go to Tomorrowland or have you been before but just want to reminiscence and enjoy the Tomorrowland hype? The excitement for Tomorrowland 2019 is real, with the pre-registration date creeping up (eeeek)! Here are 10 reasons why Tomorrowland is the best EDM festival in Europe (and beyond).


1. It Has Some of the Biggest Stages in Europe (And Beyond)

Every year, Tomorrowland comes up with a new theme, a new stage and new experience. The main stage is by far the biggest and usually exceeds the size of every other festival stage built in that year. Every year the stage is unique and usually include some kind of features, such as a talking face, water fountains or spinning objects. You can’t actually visualise how big these stages really are until you stand under them. Honestly, it is like standing under a high-rise building (it pretty much by definition is).

Every year the stage is completely unique, secretive and fits into a theme. In 2019 it’s the first time a theme is returning, only it’s a revamped version, likely with a different stage (modelled from the previous one). Regardless, year on year the stages are a work of art.


Best edm Festival in Europe

Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? The mainstages are always insane!


2. It’s in a Great Location (De Schorre Is Beautiful)

De Schorre is Boom’s recreational park where Tomorrowland is held. The place itself is beautiful when Tomorrowland is there, but that doesn’t change once Tomorrowland is packed up and gone. If you’re lucky enough to live locally, you’ll know what I mean and it’s definitely worth a visit.

The whole place is huge and really puts into perspective how big Tomorrowland really is. It’s beautifully preserved with lots of flowers and trees, a lake, a Tomorrowland bridge, fountains and lots of recreational activities (including pedal boats, which are the bomb). I always try and make an effort to go down there before the Tomorrowland stuff moves in around summer time.


de schorre

Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? The area is beautiful


3. It Has Incredible Food at a Variety of Different Food Stalls and Restaurants

The food at Tomorrowland is exceptional. You have your regular food stalls, however, at Tomorrowland you have such a large range of other food to choose from, all from different cuisines. Admittedly, the food is a little on the pricey side, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s nice because when you’re feeling a bit rough around the edges, you can actually get yourself a decent hearty meal, rather than just a cone of greasy chips (which they also sell if that’s your thing btw).

You also have a variety of different restaurants to choose from, including a steak restaurant (Brasa), a taste of the world restaurant (Aperto), a DJ snack restaurant (B-Eat) and a secret inside-mainstage restaurant (invite only). By far the most sort-after is the Tomorrowland mainstage restaurant. This restaurant sits high up at the back of the mainstage and overlooks the festival. Here you can wine and dine while looking out over the whole stage. I went for the first time last year and it literally was like dining in a posh restaurant. The food was delicious!


tomorrowland mainstage restaurant

Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? The mainstage restaurant! 



4. It Has One of the Biggest and Most Diverse Lineups

The Tomorrowland line up is HUGE. So huge in fact, that every year most of us complain that we have far too many clashes. It’s hard to be able to see everyone you want to see because there are so many good acts and it makes it impossible to get them all in. Also, as the festival is so big, try as we might to ‘see half of that set and see the other’, most stages include a long walk, so it’s not always possible. It’s a blessing and a curse to have such good line-ups.

The mainstage is predominately mainstream EDM, the other smaller stages can be old-school EDM or more niche DJ’s. There are techno and trance, a hardstyle stage and also Tomorrowland toyed around with a hip-hop and a live stage in 2018.


5. It Has a Huge Variety of Different Stages (18 Stages)

Apart from the mainstage, which I’ve already covered, Tomorrowland has 17 other incredible stages on site.

The other stages are also unique and tend to change every few years. Tomorrowland usually tries to take the key elements out of their previous mainstages and incorporate them into new smaller stages in the future. Every stage is completely different. Some are inside, some are outside, some are shaped like dragons, some are shaped like an organ. They even have Freedom stage, essentially a huge club.

Best Electronic Dance Music Festival in the world

Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? Even the smaller stages are amazing!


6. It’s Extensively Decorated

Tomorrowland takes an awfully long time to plan and create every year. You can guarantee that they will always be one year ahead in planning because it really does just take that long. But when you go there, it shows. They really do think of everything. Pretty much every single thing you look at has been designed and added by Tomorrowland. Many trees and flowers are planted for Tomorrowland, including street lights, whole buildings (restaurants, mansions, pools and clubs) and water fountains.

When you visit De Schorre without Tomorrowland, you will realise how open and empty the area is and that there are a lot of surrounding houses around it which are incredibly well hidden during the festival. Even little things such as park signs have been hidden, which you notice once you visit the park normally. They really do just think of every little thing.



Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? Because even the campsite is extensively decorated!

7. It Has a Mansion Package

Yes, that’s correct, you can buy a mansion package. If you buy this package, Tomorrowland will build a flat pack ‘mansion’ on site. This includes space for 10 – 12 people to sleep (actual beds!), toilet and shower, kitchen and living facilities with extras such as wifi, a masseuse, a butler and basically whatever you are willing to pay for!

It doesn’t come cheap though, at between 30,000 – 45,000 euros (without a festival ticket) for 10 people, all dependant on what you want. So you’re looking at a pricey investment. That’s not the only luxury (check out the next point).


8. It Brings Luxury to the Festival Experience

Tomorrowland was one of the first festivals to truly offer that luxury experience. Now it’s starting to become much more normalised to spend a lot of money and sleep and dine in luxury. Tomorrowland does this best with a variety of different accommodation packages including 5* hotels, mansions, cabana’s, kokono’s, dreamlodges and relax rooms, alongside normal camping. They also have their own Tomorrowland party planes. Yup, they have their own Tomorrowland airport check-in desks, planes with Tomorrowland actually printed on them, a DJ on the plane and luxury ‘goodie bags.’ Even their ‘tickets’ come in incredible themed boxes.

On site, they have a variety of different restaurants selling Michelin styled food, hot tubs, swimming pools, Tomorrowland jewellery, a tattoo parlour and more. All of the toilets are actual proper porcelain toilets too… so no portaloos (thank god)!


Best EDM Festival in Europe

Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? Sh*t like Friendship Garden!



9. The Tickets Are Some of the Hardest Tickets to Get

Why is this a good thing? Well, we all know why it’s a bad thing… that bloody struggle every year causes so much stress to me and my friendship group that by the time the tickets are out, you’re exhausted. However, the feeling when you get tickets that are highly sort-after is honestly THE BEST feeling. It literally feels like Christmas day when you’re 5 years old all over again.

There’s a reason they are notoriously hard to get and that’s because the festival is so good. That’s why it’s by far the best EDM festival in Europe and don’t we all know it.


10. There’s Always an Element of Surprise

Tomorrowland keeps you on your toes literally all 12 months of the year. You’re waiting for the secret theme, once that is released you’re waiting to get the tickets, once you’ve got them they slowly release the names of big acts and even release a trailer. Then you’re eagerly awaiting the merchandise and then the mainstage is always a complete secret. It gets harder and harder every year to leak the stage (unless you work there). Trust me, I went there to try and get a glimpse myself and even went into the depths of the forest (don’t worry, I’m not an asshole that leaks it. It was purely for my own satisfaction). Anyway, without a drone or someone working there, you won’t get a glimpse. After that, you await the aftermovie.

When they get a new stage (that’s not the mainstage), that’s under wraps too. However, if you’ve managed to not see a leaked photo and you walk over the hill and to the mainstage, it’s magic. The element of surprise just makes the whole festival.

The fireworks every year are always different, including the finishing show (where there is usually some form of narrative and either dancing or acrobatics). The place is more than just a festival, it’s a show and it’s incredible.


Best Electronic Dance Music Festival in Europe

Why is Tomorrowland the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? The fireworks!

Why go to Tomorrowland?

If you’re wanting to go, it really is worth every penny. It will now be my 3rd year and I’ll relive it over and over again every year if I can. I met friends for life at Tomorrowland (people who I now make an effort to see at least a couple of times a year in and outside of Tomorrowland). Go, you won’t regret it! Good luck in the ticket sales.

*All pictures were taken by either me or my amazing Tomorrowland family (special mention to Katie Ford for the amazing mainstage shots).

Do you think Tomorrowland is the best Electronic Dance Music festival in Europe? What’s your favourite thing about Tomorrowland? Drop it in the comments! Subscribe or tab my website to see more Tomorrowland articles (I’ll be releasing guides nearer to the time). 

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