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Blogging in the first year

Blogging in the First Year: 5 Things I’ve Learnt in My Eighth Month of Blogging

It’s the eighth month and time is flying – although I am still blogging in my first year. It won’t be long until I can start working on my blog on a regular basis. Despite months with my blog taking the back seat, every month the views are still growing as my SEO articles do better and better. Thanks again to everyone who is still reading and visiting my site!

So, what have I learnt this month?

Blogging in the First Year: The Eighth Month –


1) Being a Perfectionist Can Make You or Break You

I’ve mentioned this before and there are so many good and bad things about blogging and being a perfectionist. Sometimes you can be so obsessed with something not being how you want it to be that you end up just not doing it at all.

Then again, at the same time, it can be great because your posts are good quality and you’ve thought hard about your SEO or your pictures or your post as a whole.


2) Editing Pictures Is so Time-Consuming, yet so Worth It

I have such a love/hate relationship with editing pictures. I love taking pictures, but I always take so many and I have to edit every single one to see what one I like best at the end and it can take hours at a time. That plus trying to write a post and get on with life and you’ll find you’ll need days at a time. However, once it’s all put together it can look so good and you’ll know it’s all down to you. 😉


3) Writing Should Remain Fun and Not a Chore

This is always something that could arise when you have a blog and there could be many different reasons for this. One is that maybe your niche is not for you and you tire of it easily. Another could be that your life is very busy at the moment you’re struggling to find the time/find it stressful. I’ve taken a break from it for this exact reason and that’s okay.


4) Keep Your Articles Updated to Keep Their Rankings High

Sometimes when you write guides they can become outdated or the information can become slightly inaccurate. Keeping it updated will not only help your ranking but also keeps your viewers on the page because you’re providing them with accurate and up-to-date information. Keep checking ’em!

5) You’ll Start to Make Money (And It’ll Be More Than a Few Cents)

If you started monetising your blog right away, you’ll find that lots of affiliates have a set amount they will pay out to you once you finally reach it and you’ll finally start to reap the rewards. I’m finally starting to see decent payouts even though I’ve left my blog to its own devices now.

Everyone is at different stages though and for some people, it happens much earlier and for others much later.

I’ll be back next month for my 9th edition!

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