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how to get google adsense

Wondering How to Get Google AdSense? Here’s How to Get Google Adsense Approval Within 3 Weeks

Wondering How to Get Google Adsense?

I’ve already shared my struggles in my first month of blogging and again in my second month, but AdSense was something that for me happened quickly and easily (thank god). Whether you’re starting a brand new blog or other website and are looking to earn a bit of money on the side, AdSense is one of the most popular ways to go about it, apart from affiliate links inside articles. There are definitely better ad sites out there, but especially if you are a beginner then this is normally the starting point to go because there is no official monthly visitors needed to apply for AdSense. So, if you’re wondering how to get Google AdSense, read on!


What Is Google AdSense?

So, maybe you’ve come across this article and are wondering what on earth it is and how it will benefit you, so I’ll quickly start with the basics.

Google AdSense is Pay Per Click ad program that allows you to place ads on your website. These are like ads you see on any other website and are usually tailored to what the user likes and what the website is about (and sometimes they are totally random). The amount of views that the website has gives you money, as those ads are technically viewed by the user. The real money is made when a visitor clicks on an ad. This is how most websites stay free for their audience. This is at no cost to the user.

So, How Do You Get Google AdSense?

In very basic terms, you need 3 key things as per their website.

  1. A Google account, so if you aren’t using Gmail, then you can easily just create a new account with them and this will be your AdSense account (but you can also use it for anything else related to Google).
  2. A website with original content, that is not copied and pasted and is non-offensive.
  3. A phone number and an address which will be used to allow you to be paid by Google once you meet the payment threshold.

Let’s go into more detail with what Google expects of you when having a Google AdSense account. Google AdSense has a set of criteria that you need to in order to get accepted for their ad scheme.

Here Is What They Ask For:

  • A policy statement, this should be somewhere in your website as a web page or as a pop-up – when applying for AdSense, they provide one of these privacy statements that you can copy and paste and adjust according to your website. Make sure you keep it up-to-date.
  • Quality, original content on your website – usually over 10 articles with no duplicated copy and over 600 words.
  • An easy-to-navigate website which looks professional, clean and easy to read.
  • Your website should be your own and this is why you are applying for that website.
  • You need to be 18 or over to apply for Google AdSense.
  • You should have a privacy policy page, an about page and a contact page.
  • Your domain should be original and legit – don’t call it something like googleadsensetips.com – it likely won’t get approved!
  • For some countries, they will not accept you if your website is under 6 months old.

Note: If you are using a hosting site, then you can still apply for AdSense! YouTube and Blogger both work and you still need to meet these requirements. 


How to Get Google AdSense on Youtube

I decided to write this bit in here because the rest of this guide is about websites in general. Having AdSense on your YouTube videos is completely possible and has a whole new other set of requirements to be accepted.

To be accepted you should have 10,000 views from either one video or all of your videos combined. Your content should be appropriate, not highly offensive or illegal and original. There should be no copyright infringements on your account. Make sure that your channel is either new or if it’s old, that you are still posting on a regular basis.


How to Create a Google AdSense Account

So, you’ve read the article and you’re now wanting to apply. Here’s what to do next:

Click here to take you to the sign-up page for Google AdSense. Click sign up and then you begin! Now enter the URL of the site where you want Google to show your ads (make sure you type it properly!) and click next. Then enter a valid email address – this is where you’ll get back all your approval and verifications from Google. Now log in/create your Google account and then select where you are living. Accept their terms and conditions and now you’re ready! Now it’s time for the dreaded activation. 😉

How to Apply for Google AdSense:

Now you’ve created your account you can submit your website URL to Google through your AdSense account – then you wait!


How to Get Accepted for Google AdSense Fast and on the First Try

Make sure that you read their policy statement (important pointers highlighted above) and rectify your website if needed. They will not accept you if you don’t hit these criteria. I was accepted on the first try after 3 weeks (so I could have actually been accepted earlier). I had 10 articles at that point and was accepted after a day and a half, with my ads up and running a few hours after AdSense was accepted.


Important Things to Know with AdSense:

  • You can apply as many times as you like – if you get declined, they tell you why you can rectify it and then apply again
  • You’ll need to make at least 70 euros/dollars/pounds etc before you can withdraw your money
  • You need A LOT of views on Adsense to make good money
  • If you click on your own ads, you will be banned (they know this stuff)
  • Make sure that you put in your correct address, once you reach a 10 euro threshold, they send you a letter to your address with a code, to ‘verify’ yourself (or you can’t withdraw the money at 70 euros)


What Helps You Get AdSense Approval Quickly?

There are a number of things that you can do to make AdSense approval go quickly and smoothly.

Google loves clean, clear and professional looking websites. It needs to be obvious what the purpose of the website is. The same goes for the domain and it helps a lot if it’s self-hosted. Navigation around your website needs to be good and everything in the right place. You also need a variety of different articles that are well-written, unique (not copied and pasted) and over 600 words (1,000 and over is best).


Why Was My Google AdSense Not Approved?

Wondering why your Google AdSense application was rejected? There are a number of reasons why you were not approved and Google should have highlighted these to you when they declined the application. Read above to see what they expect.

Some of the most common reasons why Google AdSense is declined:

  1. The website doesn’t have enough content on it. Either, there is barely anything on it, or the articles you are writing are just far too short. Google won’t accept you until you have enough content that is helpful to its viewers. This also goes for if your content is offensive or illegal. It’s no use writing a whole blog on illegal drugs, it won’t be accepted!
  2. Another is that you have not followed their policies, such as declaring your privacy policy on your page and making it clear to the user. Double check that you have not violated any of their policies, it could even be something small that can be rectified in minutes. Ensure that you have let your viewers know the purpose of the website and that’s it’s clear and concise.
  3. Your website may be all over the place and hard to use. Google doe not rate this AT ALL, so they will reject your application straight away. Websites are manually checked by actual people, so if they cannot work their way around your website easily, then they will reject it without hesitation.

I’ve Been Accepted for Google AdSense, Now What?

Now it’s time to choose what ad types and formats you want for your site. Read all about the different ones here. Now it’s time to paste the code into your site. Choose what pages you want the ads to appear on (if you want them on every page, then paste the code into your homepage). WIthin 3 hours your ads should be live, but it can take longer. Remove any other ad systems as it may interfere with setting up.

Once that’s done you’ll start earning money!

Once you start earning and reach their threshold (usually around 10 euros), then you will receive a notification that you need to verify your address. A code will be sent to your home address and you will need to input this code into your Google Adsense account. This can take a few weeks. Once this is done they will be able to pay you once you hit the highest threshold (around 70 euros).


So there you have it – all the steps you need to get Adsense approved. Good luck and keep trying!

Do you have AdSense yet? Do you like it? Drop your thoughts and tips in the comments!


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