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free apps to have when travelling

The Guide to 20 Useful FREE Apps to Have When Travelling and Living Abroad

Free Apps to Have When Travelling and Living Abroad in 2019

On your travels and looking for some decent and free apps to have when travelling? Thankfully nowadays there are plenty of great apps out there, free of charge and absolute game changers. I always use a variety of different apps on my travels and here are just some of my favourites that I would recommend. So, if you’re looking for free apps to have when travelling and living abroad in 2019, be sure to download at least some of these before this year is over.

Note: Some of these may not be available in your region depending on where you are from. When you search for the app it will let you know. Most of these apps are completely universal and the rest I know for sure work in Europe at least. They are also all free apps to have when travelling – so none should cost you a dime!


free apps to have when travelling1. Google Maps

Google Maps is an obvious choice and it’s definitely something that’s totally needed when you’re travelling – especially when abroad. Not only is Google maps easy to use, but you can download maps beforehand, in case you don’t have internet and you can also ‘star’ key locations so you can easily find them. I always do this before I go and ‘star’ the places I want to see so then I’m sure I’ll go and see them all.


free apps to have when travelling2. Google Translate

Google translate is a lifesaver when you’re abroad. You have many options with Google translate – the usual option of you typing it in and it instantly translates for you, you can hold your phone up against the text and will translate for you or you can take a photo of text and it will translate it better that way. You can also speak into your phone and have it instantly translate into your language of choice if you are trying to have a conversation with someone.


free apps to have when travelling3. Park4Night

Park4Night is an app designed for camper van users to know where they can park up for the night, but it’s just as good for people sleeping in their car (and I’ve used to a couple of times for this). It shows you suitable and good places to sleep. These can either be secluded quiet spots, parking spaces, campsites or lay-bys. People leave pictures and reviews so you can see for yourself before you go there. Note: Read my ‘sleeping in the car’ guide for more. 


free apps to have when travelling4. Parkopedia

Another good app if you are driving! It shows you everywhere where you can park and how much it costs. It also shows you where you can park for free, so you can save on parking or avoid the high-priced areas. It’s an app I always use when I’m road tripping.


free apps to have when travelling5. WhereIsPublicToilet

This is important if you’re out and about and you don’t know where to go. When you gotta go, you gotta go. This app tells you where all of these public toilets are in your area and lets you know if it is free or paid. People also can leave reviews of the toilet and rate it. This way you can avoid the really grotty ones.


free apps to have when travelling6. Tripit

Tripit takes all your reservations from your email and puts them in one place, like an itinerary. This way you can keep tabs on what you’ve booked and when. It also keeps all of your travel confirmations in one place so you don’t have to print them off. Easy!


free apps to have when travelling7. GateGuru

GateGuru is your perfect airport companion. It gives you up-to-date flight data, shows you the airports amenities and where they are located and you can book other services through it, such as car rentals.


free apps to have when travelling8. Chefs Feed

Looking for somewhere you know will be delicious in your new city? The Chefs Feed app shows you chef recommendations for the best restaurants, including reviews, advice and pictures. This is from within London, the USA and Canada.


free apps to have when travelling9. XE Currency

A good currency converter is always a must if you’re travelling to a country with a different currency. This will help with budgeting and converts any currency to the current rate. This way you can be assured if what you’re buying is a good deal or not. XE Currency is great for this and one I always use.


free apps to have when travelling10. WhatsApp

In my opinion WhatsApp is the best messaging app and it’s the one that is most widely used. You can chat to many people at once, you can call people and also video call them. All you need is their mobile number and it’s like texting or calling them normally, only without all the added cost!


free apps to have when travelling11. Packpoint

Packpoint is a life changer. There I am writing out a list every single time I pack to go anywhere (and that’s often), when I can just get someone else to do it for me. Packpoint helps you remember what to pack for your trip, based on categories such as the length of travel, what the weathers like, what you’re doing there etc and then compiles a list for you. Then you can tick them off as you pack.


free apps to have when travelling12. WiFiMap

WiFiMap is great if you’re after an internet connection. The app shows you where all of the WiFi points are in your area. It shows both free and also password protected ones. The password-protected ones even tell you what the password is so you can log on! Both helpful, yet a little creepy (some people have found personal internet passwords uploaded on there).


free apps to have when travelling13. Accuweather

Accuweather is by far one of the better weather apps. It’s accurate in most places, meaning that wherever you are, you can be rest assured that the weather will be on the most part pretty accurate. This will help you know what to pack for your trip too – jumpers or bikinis? Hmm.


free apps to have when travelling14. Uber

Many countries use Uber and I honestly love it. Taxi’s, in general, are extremely expensive, so I always use it here in Holland and also when I’m away. You can choose your destination, if you want to split the bill you can, no cash is exchanged, it’s all via the app, you can check reviews and write reviews of your driver and check in real time where the driver is.


free apps to have when travelling15. CityMapper

CityMapper is perfect if you’re looking to travel around a new city and you haven’t a clue what you’re doing. The app tells you where to get on and off when using public transport in easy-to-understand steps.


free apps to have when travelling16. TripAdvisor

I always use TripAdvisor whenever I am planning for a trip and it doesn’t stop once I’ve planned it. When I’m out and about I always check TripAdvisor to look for the best places to visit and the best places to eat and drink.


17. Duolingo

Duolingo is the perfect app to have if you’re looking to learn a few words and phrases when you’re on your travels. The Duolingo app is easy to use, easy to follow and perfect to have.


18. Skype

The Skype app is really handy if you’re wanting to get a decent video call from someone. Many phones will only do this if you’re using the same phone system or if it’s mobile to mobile. With Skype you can call anyone, anywhere, on any device.


free apps to have when travelling19. ICE

ICE is a great app to have JUST IN CASE. This app records any medical and emergency information about you. If you are an serious accident, it gives people the access to know who you are, important medical information and who to contact following your accident. It can be accessed even if your phone is locked. It could literally be a life saver.


20. Photoshop Express

Looking to make your holiday snaps look better? Or are the Instagram filters just not cutting it any more? I always use the Photoshop Express app when editing my pictures. It’s certainly simpler than Photoshop on the computer and so it’s quick and easy to use. It always makes your photos look rad too.

There are plenty of other great apps out there and more and more and being invented every day. Hopefully these 20 free apps to have when travelling will get you started on having a stress-free trip.

What’s your favourite app? Do you know any other free apps to have when travelling? Drop them in the comments! Like this article? Don’t forget to subscribe for more. 🙂 



  • Kelly

    8th March 2019 at 4:12 pm

    WhatsApp was a LIFESAVER to me to stay connected to friends and family while I was abroad. I wish GoogleTranslate was as powerful when I was living abroad as it is now…because that technology just amazes me! Great list!

    • Never Say Nether

      12th March 2019 at 12:56 am

      Me too – you can text and call for free and it’s so easy! I couldn’t live without the Google translate app either, honestly. I live abroad and take photos of my documents to translate via the app – lifesaver. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂


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