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Waiting On Tomorrow

Never Say Nether Is Branching out to Another Website – ‘Waiting On Tomorrow’!

When I started Never Say Nether three and a half months ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of direction I wanted to go in. Originally I wanted to start a festival blog but I went against that idea after worrying that it would become outdated fast as I was getting older. For this reason, Never Say Nether not only became an expat and travel blog but a festival one too. But why a new blog Waiting On Tomorrow?

“You’re Expanding… Already?!”

However, over these past few months, I’ve found that most of my traffic was coming from my festival articles and it was drawing a completely different audience to my other content. So on the 22nd of February, I decided to launch a new website, alongside this one called “Waiting on Tomorrow.

I live and breathe for dance events and festivals and I have so much to say about it. Living in the Netherlands has only made my obsession stronger and because the dance music scene is lacking in the UK, I’m literally cramming as much in as possible living in Holland. For 6 months of the year, I’m attending these festivals all over Europe and it takes up a lot of my time and all of my spare money, so why not create a whole new site? I have so much to talk about!

waiting on tomorrow

Dance Music Culture

There’s a big misconception about dance music that it’s for young people on drugs, who ‘grow out of the music’, but living in the Netherlands I know that can’t be farther from the truth. Dance music is literally ingrained in Dutch culture – after all, they were the ones that helped it get big. Many DJs are also Dutch and dance music is something that is considered a mainstream interest in the Dutch population as a whole. ID&T is a Dutch event management company who has an incredible reputation for creating some of the most incredible dance shows on earth. Think Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and Sensation!

I’m certainly seen as childish to some people, who thought I should have ‘grown out of this phase by now’ (heck, I’m only nearly 25) – and in all honestly my obsession is only getting worse as I get older. I think it will be a while until my partner and I do anything really drastic in the adulting world as we currently spend all our money on these events, with absolutely no regrets (life is for living, right?). Plus, living in the Netherlands I’m literally dancing alongside more older people than younger sometimes – it has no age limit!


Why I LOVE Dance Music and Events

Back to what I said before, there is a misconception that I’m not adulting, doing drugs every weekend and enjoying that young music in some muddy field. Nooooppe. I religiously listen to house music to get through my daily tasks, so I don’t die of boredom on my commute and to focus on writing and work and at home. I love it so much that I rarely even drink any more when I go to these events. Okay, that’s a semi-lie, but what I’m saying is I’m not an absolute mess and most of the time I absolutely will not camp in that muddy field.

I try and do one muddy camping one, tonnes of festivals for one day semi-sober (my partner usually drives to them) and Tomorrowland. This is mainly because 1. I’m not 18 any more (I don’t have that sort of stamina) and 2. I don’t have the money and we have work and stuff to do. Generally can’t believe I can bust those moves with no alcohol in my system, jeez, I must be getting on.

Anyway, a BIG part of dance music for me is the show. The lasers, the theme, the fireworks, the ambience. Some people are baffled by my Tomorrowland obsession, but can’t wait to go to Disneyland and it’s the exact same principle of creating something that makes you escape (Tomorrowland is literally the adult version of Disneyland – not even joking). These events have to amaze me and make me feel like I’ve just witnessed the best thing on earth (and 9/10 it never disappoints so far).


Waiting On Tomorrow

Why is it called that? Well, you bloggers will know the struggle of thinking of the perfect name. Waiting on Tomorrow is yet another play on words, like Never Say Nether. Tomorrowland is also known as ‘Tomorrow’, along with their motto ‘live today, love tomorrow…’ Anyway, me and my friends (along with thousands of other people), are literally constantly waiting on Tomorrowland or waiting for Tomorrowland. My past guides were all about prepping before you go, so it made complete sense to call it ‘Waiting On Tomorrow’, also because, with every other dance festival, you literally are waiting for tomorrow to come. So it makes sense in another way.

Waiting on Tomorrow will have guides from over 20 different festivals that I’ve either gone to or about to attend, along with packing lists. The main section also has extensive Tomorrowland guides from getting those impossible tickets, to prepping yourself before and during the festival. There’s also a section of looking after yourself at festivals when it comes to drugs, alcohol, mental health and medical issues. I felt that there was not a website providing all of this in one place, despite it being Googled so heavily (e.g. Tomorrowland). Plus I do actually believe that I’m the right person to bring that kind of information to people seeking it.

It’s up and running but won’t have a social media presence or be promoted until late into the summer, then the marketing starts (urghhhh). If you’re interested in this, please check it out and support me and I’ll be eternally grateful! New articles will be up every week, in time for it to be fully kitted out when I promote it. 😉


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